Boston Under Attack, the City's Courageous Recovery,

and the Epic Hunt for Justice 

(Dutton, April 2014)

Boston Globe journalists Scott Helman and Jenna Russell tell the full story through the eyes of five principal characters—a police officer, a lost daughter, a determined survivor, a trauma surgeon, and the marathon director—tracing the distinct paths that brought them to a tragic intersection with two murderous young brothers on one momentous day in April. Backed by The Boston Globe’s deep, relentless, and widely praised coverage of the dramatic events, Long Mile Home features an unprecedented level of detail and insight, highlighting never-before-told stories, unexpected revelations, and unforgettable moments of heroism and humanity. It’s both an absorbing, action-packed narrative and a lasting tribute to the bravery, resourcefulness, and resiliency of the Boston community—a story of the city on its worst day but also at its best.

“[A] gripping account.” (New York Daily News)

“A riveting piece of journalism and an exceptional tribute to a great American city that manages to avoid being sentimental or syrupy.” (USA Today)
“The authors succeed in communicating an authentic sense of the anxiety and claustrophobia that gripped the region and the resilience that emerged from the ordeal.” (Publishers Weekly)
“Succeeds in every way. It is a harrowing narrative of the events and a behind-the-scenes look at the public officials and everyday people forever changed by the attack. It is also a portrait of a major American city, its psyche and the distance runners who consider the race a sacred rite." (Washington Post)
“Long Mile Home — at times gripping, occasionally hopeful, always heartbreaking — is essential to understanding what happened last April, and, in some ways, the city in which those events happened.” (Boston Globe)
“In a remarkable work of narrative journalism, Boston Globe journalists Helman and Russell, with support from their comrades at the Globe’s news department, map out the heartbreaks, dogged pursuits and courageous acts of defiance that resulted from one of America’s most foolhardy and cowardly acts of terrorism...Journalism that demonstrates all the arguments why we need professionals to tell the stories that mark our generations and a valentine to the people that proved Boston Strong.” (Kirkus Reviews)
“This is a stunning, mesmerizing and fascinating book. We get to see the horror close up, its beginnings, enactment and its terrible legacies. This is a remarkable achievement of a still stupefying act.” (Providence Journal)
“Accounts of heroism, pride and victory in the aftermath of tragedy make this must-read surprisingly uplifting.” (Fitness Magazine)
“A wonderful work of narrative journalism….LONG MILE HOME is an absorbing and often painful account…the book draws one in and doesn’t let go. This telling of the Marathon bombings is the work of two seasoned journalists….This is a well-crafted book that I recommend putting at the top of your must-read list." (The Telegraph)
“More gripping than a mystery novel, has more deeply drawn characters than a literary novel and is enriched by the details of a history book. Long Mile Home is a surprisingly fantastic read….a must-read.”  (Associated Press)

Excerpt:  The Day the City Stood Still ,  Boston Globe Magazine , March 30, 2014

Excerpt: The Day the City Stood Still, Boston Globe Magazine, March 30, 2014



(HarperCollins, January 2012)


In The Real Romney, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman delve searchingly into the psyche of a complex man now at his most critical juncture—the private Romney whom few people see. They show the remarkable lengths to which Romney has gone in order to succeed in politics and business, shrewdly shifting identities as needed, bringing tough-minded strategy to every decision, and always carefully safeguarding his public image.


"The Real Romney pulls together lots of details into a narrative that’s absorbing and fair-minded. (Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times)

“Balanced and rigorous reporting on Romney’s life and career. . . . The authors are especially good on his close relationship with his father, a three-term Michigan governor who unsuccessfully ran for president in 1968.” (USA Today)

Excerpt:  The Meaning of Mitt ,   Vanity Fair  , February 2012

Excerpt: The Meaning of MittVanity Fair, February 2012

The Real Romney lays out Romney’s story in full and clear detail, including fascinating in-depth stuff about his family’s history, showing us a Romney for whom family and faith remain unshakable pillars and who knows that his ‘power-ally is money.’” (The Los Angeles Times)

“A timely, balanced new biography. . . . An impressively researched and thought-provoking portrait of a man many Americans may want to know more about in the coming weeks and months.” (The Boston Globe)

“Kranish and Helman are veteran and well-regarded reporters. . . . They give a comprehensive account of the Bain years -- the greatest contribution of their book.” (Michael Tomasky, The New York Review of Books)

“The writers have thoroughly trawled through the would-be-president’s history. The book charts the various stages of Romney’s polymorphic life in impressive detail. . . . All this is well done. The analysis of Romney’s time at Bain is balanced and fair.” (The Economist)

“Kranish and Helman have assembled a genuinely compelling story and a more thorough record of Romney’s life than has yet appeared.” (The Washington Post)

“A fascinating story [that] sheds new light on an elusive subject. . . . It illustrates well how in his private life and in business, he has relied on a tight, protective circle all his life.” (The Financial Times)

“A comprehensive and eminently fair-minded biography of the GOP’s fitful frontrunner.” (The New Republic)

“An excellent biography.” (David Frum, The Daily Beast)

“Balanced and informative. . . A well-written and useful resource for Romneyana great and small.” (Louis Menand, The New Yorker)

“The great service of this new biography is that it humanizes Romney. The authors sniff over their subject with bloodhound thoroughness, dredging up old report cards, housing deeds, and family records and videos. They interview seemingly everyone who had contact with Romney in every phase of his life.” (The New York Times Book Review)

“Who is the real Mitt Romney? This well-researched biography by two Boston Globe reporters offers useful clues.” (Katha Pollitt, The Guardian)