Scott Helman

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THE DESPERATE AND THE DEAD | State mental hospitals were closed to give people with mental illness greater freedom, but it increased the risk they’d get no care at all. (Boston Globe Spotlight Team series, 2016; finalist for Pulitzer Prize in Local Reporting)

HINGE OF HISTORY | Two lives shaped by Boston's ugly era of desegregation. (Boston Globe, November 2014)

COWBOYS OF THE GRIDIRON | As racial strife tore the city apart in the 1970s, two friends — one black, one white — and their teammates changed the rules of the game. (Boston Globe Magazine, August 2015)

SAVING LEO | A boy, badly burned by fire, travels from Burundi to Boston in an extraordinary journey of resilience and devotion. (Boston Globe Magazine, April/May 2015)

HOW CAN YOU DEFEND HIM? | What drives Dzhokhar Tsarnaev lawyer Judy Clarke and those like her to take on the worst cases? (Boston Globe Magazine, January 2015)

THE COMEBACKER | Thirteen years after a ball shattered his face, Bryce Florie has made a new life in the game he loves. (Boston Globe Magazine, March 2014)

THE BEEKEEPERS | How a Harvard scientist, a bee whisperer, and a retired entrepreneur teamed up to rescue an embattled insect and save the American food supply. (Boston Globe Magazine, June 2013)

THE BELIEVER | Jazz giant Danilo Perez has faith music can change the world. (Boston Globe Magazine, April 2013)

TARGETED | Mitt Romney’s political foes are going to great lengths to make Bain Capital the bogeyman of the 2012 race. The Boston private equity firm is fighting back — but only to a point. (Boston Globe Magazine, August 2012)

LETTER FROM SELMA | How the 1965 murder of James Reeb, a white Boston minister, moved a nation and brought voting rights to millions. (Boston Globe Magazine, July 2011)


BARACK OBAMA PROFILE | Early defeat launched a rapid political climb
Boston Globe, October 12, 2007

Boston Globe, March 20, 2008

JOHN MCCAIN PROFILE | Taking command - the McCain way
Boston Globe,  August 31, 2008

DEVAL PATRICK PROFILE | Beating odds, a uniter rose from Chicago's tough side
Boston Globe, May 24, 2006

"Succeeds in every way." (Lenny Bernstein, Washington Post)

Boston Globe journalists Scott Helman and Jenna Russell tell the full story of the Boston Marathon bombing through the eyes of five principal characters—a police officer, a lost daughter, a determined survivor, a trauma surgeon, and the marathon director—tracing the distinct paths that brought them to a tragic intersection with two murderous young brothers on one momentous day in April. Backed by The Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage, Long Mile Home (Dutton, April 2014) features an unprecedented level of detail and insight, highlighting never-before-told stories, unexpected revelations, and unforgettable moments of heroism and humanity—a story of the city on its worst day but also at its best.

"The Real Romney pulls together lots of details into a narrative that’s absorbing and fair-minded." (Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times)

In The Real Romney (HarperCollins, January 2012), Michael Kranish and Scott Helman delve searchingly into the psyche of a complex man now at his most critical juncture—the private Romney whom few people see. They show the remarkable lengths to which Romney has gone in order to succeed in politics and business, shrewdly shifting identities as needed, bringing tough-minded strategy to every decision, and always carefully safeguarding his public image.